Why Neck Traction Devices are a Game Changer for Neck Pain Treatment

03/03/2020 -By Alex
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Neck pain is a common medical condition affecting millions of people worldwide. Although neck pain is most common among adults, it can happen at any age. This type of pain can range from minor to intolerable and managing neck pain symptoms can take a major toll on our quality of life. Often, neck pain can interfere with daily activities such as work, driving, exercise and sleep. Moreover, managing neck pain can take a heavy emotional toll on the affected individual: it can make you feel frustrated, tired, anxious and even depressed. The good news is – depending on the type of neck pain you experience and its causes, using a neck traction device could help you find much needed relief.

What are the common causes of neck pain?

Neck pain is a prevalent condition in our fast-paced, modern world. The muscles, ligaments and vertebrae in the neck have the tough job of supporting the heavy head. Muscle strain from stress, as well as daily use of computer and device screens can disrupt the anatomical balance of the neck and shoulder muscles, resulting in neck pain. Some other common causes of neck pain include the following:

• Arthritis
• Pinched nerves
• Repetitive motion
• Injuries from car accidents, such as whiplash
• Carrying a heavy bag
• Poor posture
• Poor sleeping habits
• Sports injuries

What is a cervical traction device?

Cervical traction is a highly effective method for naturally relieving neck pain. This type of treatment can help stretch the neck muscles and soft tissues, providing the necessary separation for disc and joint spaces in your neck. In turn, relieving the stress and pressure on the neck tissues works to relieve pain in your neck by reducing pressure on the nerves in your cervical spine. A neck traction device is designed specifically to gently and comfortably stretch the neck and separate the vertebrae sitting on the top of your spinal cord, diminishing neck pain symptoms. Overall, using cervical traction can be one of the fastest and safest ways to stop neck pain and prevent it from recurring over the long-term.

Advantages of using a cervical traction device

Using a neck traction device is a safe and effective way to treat neck pain. It can be used to relieve different types and causes of neck pain, including neck tension and muscle tightness. In addition, cervical traction machines can also relieve neck stiffness, improving your range of motion and flexibility. Cervical traction can also be used to effectively treat herniated disks and pinched nerves, and relieve pain from muscle and joint sprains and spasms. A cervical traction device is typically both convenient and comfortable to wear and can be employed in treatment of neck injuries.

• Drug-free and natural pain relief

Medication is often used as a common treatment for managing cervical pain. However, long-term use of medicines such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen, as well as other types of analgesics, increases their risk of side effects. 

• Cost-effective solution for neck pain

Physical therapy, massage and chiropractic treatment can also be used to treat neck pain. In fact, before the recent advances in cervical traction device technology, it was only possible to receive neck traction treatment by visiting your health practitioner’s office. However, having to make these regular visits is inconvenient and time-consuming. Importantly, these therapies can be quite costly when used over time, especially to individuals with no extended health coverage. Therefore, using a cervical traction device can also serve as a time- and cost-effective treatment option for neck pain.

• Avoiding invasive surgical procedures

One of the greatest benefits of neck traction is that it helps to reduce the compressive forces causing neck pain, relieving pressure on the underlying bones and soft tissue. This can effectively diminish pain caused by compressed or pinched nerves, while eliminating the need for invasive surgical procedures, which typically have a high rate of complications.

What are the types of cervical traction devices?

Although there are many cervical traction devices available on the market today, they can be generally classified into three categories: over-the-door devices, pneumatic devices and posture pumps.

• Over-the-door cervical traction devices

This type of neck traction device is typically designed for home use. It should be installed over a door and can be used while you are sitting or standing, with newer devices allowing you to be lying down. For this method, you need to attach your head and neck to a harness, which is attached to pulley system placed over the door. The device’s chin strap is designed to hold your head, while the pulley system lifts it upwards, reducing pressure on your cervical vertebrae.

However, this system also has some important drawbacks, such as is the required assembly and setup of the device. Moreover, many over-the-door cervical traction devices lack the proper safety certification and traction control, since they have no fixed traction and rely solely on gravity as their mechanism of action. 

• Pneumatic cervical traction devices

This type of cervical traction device resembles three neck pillows stacked on top of each other, designed to cradle your neck. The pillows of the device are designed to be placed around your neck, and air is then pumped into the pillows. The pneumatic neck traction device lifts the head gradually, reducing pressure on your cervical vertebrae. Conveniently, a pneumatic cervical traction device can be used in any position, including lying down, as well as while standing up and sitting down.   

• Posture pumps

A posture pump neck traction device is designed to restore the natural curvature of the neck. To use this type of device, you should be lying on your back with your forehead strapped into the device, while the unit is placed under your head. Then, you can manually adjust the amount of pressure on the back of your neck.

While this device offers a safe and effective way to relieve neck pain, it is also typically the most expensive type of cervical traction device. In addition, posture pumps are limited terms of positioning choice when using the device, with lying down being the only option. 

How long are neck traction treatment sessions?

To determine the length and frequency of your cervical traction treatment sessions, you will need to consult your doctor to come up with a detailed treatment plan. Typically, a neck traction device is used for 15-20 minute treatment sessions, which can be repeated several times throughout the day.

Are cervical traction devices safe to use?

Yes, neck traction devices are generally safe to use in treatment of neck pain. However, you should always talk to your doctor before beginning neck traction treatment to ensure it is the best and safest treatment for you. Specifically, it is not recommended to use a cervical traction device if you suffer from any of the following conditions:

• If you had any post-surgery hardware such as screws in your neck
• Osteoporosis
• Bone infection
• Bone cancer
• Recent neck injury
• Chronic conditions affecting the neck region 

Choosing your neck traction device

Before buying your neck traction device, it is important to check with your healthcare practitioner or physiotherapist to ensure that neck traction is the right treatment for you. Your healthcare provider should also keep track of your progress via routine check-ups while you use your cervical traction device.

• Cost

One of the important factors to consider when choosing your cervical traction device is its cost, which can vary greatly.

• Ease of use and setup

Pneumatic devices typically require no assembly and can be used immediately upon purchase. On the other hand, over-the-door models require some setting up and time to find the optimal positions for the weight bag.

• Position for treatment

It is also important to consider your positioning preference for your cervical traction treatment, such as lying down or sitting up. Typically, over-the-door neck traction devices need to be used while sitting up, while pneumatic traction devices provide the most flexibility in terms of treatment position.

• Portability

Some cervical traction devices, such as pneumatic devices, are easy to transport, while over-the-door models will need to be disassembled before being moved.

The NTD 3000 Neck Traction Device

The NTD 3000 neck traction device is lightweight, highly portable, and easy to use. Its innovative design includes a neck brace, which reduces the pressure on the neck exerted by the head. In contrast to stationary devices, such as over-the-door devices, the neck collar of the NTD 3000 neck traction device allows freedom of movement. Moreover, it is lightweight and easy to use, while can be comfortably adjusted to fit all sizes.

Instant Pain Relief

The ergonomic design of the NTD 3000 neck traction device includes a pneumatic belt and a one-piece brace, providing the traction effect and restoring the natural curve of the neck. The collar of the device can be adjusted using the knob collar features a 4-point anchor providing precision traction for effective and fast neck pain relief.


The NTD 3000 cervical traction device can be conveniently worn at home or in the office. In addition, it does not require a cumbersome pulley system, and due to being lightweight and highly portable, it can be easily transported during travel. Weighing only 3 lbs, this device allows you to be positioned in the way you prefer, including lying down, standing up and sitting down. Finally, the NTD 3000 device can be worn by adults of all ages.

Effective Decompression of Spinal Disks

Degenerative disc disease, as well as cervicalgia, radiculopathy and herniated discs in the cervical region can cause severe and debilitating pain. The NTD 3000 device can be used to treat these issues, providing disk decompression, and resulting in reabsorption of bulging or ruptured disks, promoting healing and offering significant pain relief.

Speed of results

Using the NTD 3000 neck traction device provides significant and fast relief from neck pain symptoms while restoring the natural curvature of the neck.

The Takeaway

Cervical traction can be a safe and highly effective way for you to overcome your neck pain and get back to your normal daily life. Moreover, this method can help you save both time and money, since it can be used in the comfort of your home.

Cervical traction devices, such NTD 3000 neck traction device, can provide fast, natural and effective neck pain relief for numerous health conditions that cause neck tension, pain, inflammation, and tightness.

Neck traction can help you find much needed relief from neck pain by decreasing the compressive forces acting on the neck vertebrae and soft tissues, while also stretching and relaxing the joints around the neck.

Using a cervical traction device can be the optimal solution to eliminating neck pain, as well as improving your overall health and quality of your daily life. 

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