ProBack Posture Brace TJ-403 PRO


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Medical reimbursement for treatment of a T12 compression fracture or hyperextension, as a few examples. 

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Pain Is In Control Of Your Life - And It's Passing By Without You Even Noticing It!

Have you come to terms with the fact that you will live the rest of your life with low back pain?

Will you give in to the pain and miss your life? Or are you going to take matters into your own hands?

We all once experienced some kind of back pain - and we always think 'it will pass'.

But often the pain recurs until one morning we wake up and realize we have a state of chronic pain.

From now on, it may be too late to do anything. And if it can be done, it takes 10x more time and effort to relieve the pain.

At this point, not only will the whole procedure take 10x more, but the pain itself can be 10x stronger!

Imagine yourself in a situation where you cannot work. That you can't make money. That you can't get out of bed because of pain.

All this happens to one fifth of the population. Yes you read it right. A fifth of the population suffers from some back pain syndrome that prevents them from leading a normal life.

In 13% of cases, the pain was so severe that patients were subject to UNHEALTHY painkillers.

Well, as of today, you're taking matters into your own hands!

Instead of letting pain control your life, simply - neutralize it.

ProBack Posture Brace will allow you to finally live life as you should - without pain, with a straight and healthy spine.


This brace is exactly what the nurse practitioner ordered. And it was significantly less expensive than one a medical supply store would have charged ($1,300). People keep asking what am I wearing it for and i usually tell them that I'm taking up sky diving since it looks like a parachute the way it straps on my torso. It has helped reduce the pain from the fracture, significantly. Great value product.

Darrin Byrd

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spine straightening

Spine Decompression

Torso Immobilizer

Posture Improvement

All-In-One Solution For Back Strain and Pain


Absolutely The Best Postural
Extension Back
Straightener Brace

The TLCO Braces are often the #1 solution for back pain issues for adults. Ranked as one of the best commercial braces. It has been selected as a top solution for back pain by variety of authority organizations, hospitals, chiropractors and health blogs. 

All-In-One Solution

Gone are the days when you had to buy one brace for upper back, one for mid back
and one for lumbar area. Compared to other questionable quality products, ProBack Brace
has all needed certifications and features people with back problems need, making it a great value for money product.

How Does the ProBack Brace Work?

Injuries to the spine, especially the thoracic back, are no laughing matter. Therefore, it’s really important that your thoracolumbosacral (TLSO) orthosis does a good job.

The TLSO style of back brace wraps under the arms and rib cage and supports the lower and middle back as well as the top of the hips. It looks a lot like a backpack, with some added bells and whistles.

Stabilizes and Straightens the Spine 

The corrective brace stabilizes the back from the top of the sacrum (S1 vertebra) just above the tailbone through the lumbar (lower) spine to the top of the thoracic spine (T2 vertebrae) just below the neck.

Straightening the spine can help with kyphosis treatment or some mechanical back pain issues.

Plus the full-body back brace limits your ability to hunch the back, twist the torso or bend side to side. Besides improving your posture, controlling your back’s motion can also prevent an existing injury from worsening, slow osteoporosis-related degeneration and help your back heal post-surgery. 

Relieves Back Strain and Pain 

The lumbar/thoracic back brace also compresses your abdomen, which reduces pressure on the spine. This, in turn, eases your pain and helps the spine to heal.

A mechanical pulley system makes it easy for you to generate a lot of compression with very little effort or twisting. The corset system multiplies your force by five.

What Does the Thoracic Brace Treat? 

The hard back brace for straightening the spine and easing pressure on it can help correct and relieve pain stemming from:

Spinal compression fractures
Bad posture
Bulging Discs
Herniated Discs
Spinal stenosis
Mechanical back pain

The kyphosis brace comes with side panels you can remove as your treatment advances. The modular design makes it one of the best immobilizers for care both before and after spine surgeries, such as spinal fusion.

I've had this for 3 days now ( never review right out of the box) and worn it for a couple of hours a day so far. I have rather extreme kyphosis - by the time I would walk 30-50' I would be bent over at least 30 degrees - basically looking at the ground - and in teeth gritting pain.

I gave pain relief 3 stars as the basic pain that I have using the brace is the pressure of the steel plate against my thoracic spine. This is a good thing - it means that it's doing it's job. I expect it will take months, to a year to get real straitening. Correcting structural damage to your spine I know will take time and effort. In other words: if you're looking for a quick fix - you're not going to get it. Consider the alternative of surgery on 12 vertebrae! I expected irritation of the armpits from the straps - it was a bit irritating the first day - today it is comfortable. I've looked at expensive braces from medical device companies, and this is comparable.

The first day I was excited enough to walk around the block using a walker. That told me this was a keeper. This isn't for use in the gym; it's for spinal correction. I'm a 75 y.o man with two lumbar surgeries and I'm planning on enjoying life at 80!

Jim Moore

User-friendly Features of the Full Body Back Brace 

The parts of the back brace that come in contact with your skin are covered with a soft, plush material, with added padding in sensitive areas like the top of the shoulders near the neck. This padding can be removed if you want an even sleeker fit.

For a full-body brace, it’s surprisingly low-profile, with the corset-style mechanical pulley system helping it hug your body.

The panels at the back and front of the TLSO immobilizer have small holes that make them more breathable. Plus the abdominal belt is covered in mesh.

The full back support brace has a cutout for the spine, keeping pressure away from the sensitive region as you recover from a fractured vertebra or deal with inflammation stemming from osteoporosis or kyphosis, for example.

The thoracolumbar brace comes with a sternum pad that stops you from hunching and corrects your posture. This pad is articulating, meaning it will wiggle a bit up and down along with the body while still encouraging good spinal alignment.

Another bonus—you can buy this postural kyphosis brace at a far less expensive price than the thousands of dollars you can spend on custom back braces for scoliosis, kyphosis or other back problems affecting adults.

Easy Application and Adjustment

For a pretty high-tech thoracic spine support, the medical back brace is really pretty simple to put on and adjust. The hard plastic back brace goes on much like a backpack, with some “extras” like an abdominal compression belt and a sternum support pad.

Fasteners make it easy to secure the compression belt around your waist and adjust the shoulder strap length. The tab of the mechanical pulley system and the removable side panels also hook to the belt via fasteners.

This pulley system could not be easier to use… you simply pull the tab away from the body (which is easy to do since the mechanical system amplifies your force) and attach it to the belt once you have the compression as you like.

When you’re ready to take the thoracic spine brace off, you can simply detach the quick-release shoulder strap buckles and pull apart the fastener belt.

No tools are needed to adjust the height of the sternum pad or to remove the brace’s side panels.  

How Good Spine Alignment Treats Compression Fractures, Kyphosis & More 

Holding the spine upright and protecting against damaging movement can keep you on the road to recovery following many injuries to the back. And the abdominal compression the belt and pulley system generate is just as important to healing.

Compressing this area of the body creates pressure that reduces stress on the spine. This can prevent or slow the crumbling of vertebrae due to osteoporosis or spaces in the spine from narrowing (stenosis), which can lead to other problems like a pinched nerve, thoracic outlet syndrome or spondylolisthesis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other Features

Support system extends from the sacral area just above the tailbone to the T2 vertebrae between the shoulder blades.

A cutout over the spine keeps pressure away. 

Quick release shoulder strap buckles and fasteners make it easy to put on and take off the support. 

You won’t need any tools to adjust the sternum pad height or remove the side panels. 

Choosing Your Size

How To Put It on

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